A better to-do list

The to-do list is necessary part of brain hygiene. And like showers and shaving, if you don't make them part of an everyday ritual, things can get a little gnarly.

Yet we have a terrible time with the to-do; seems we're often stuck in some Sisyphean situation. Nearly 90 percent of respondents to a recent LinkedIn poll said they couldn't finish up their list in a given day. And judging by the ever-expanding inventory of articles about how to hack your to-do. There are as many ways of seeing your to-do as there are people who keep them. But this is a good thing: If there were just one way to to-do, it would be like having a universal shoe size or sleep schedule.

Here’s the gist- Rule 1-2-5: On any given day, assume that you can only accomplish one big thing, three medium things, and five small things, and narrow down your to-do list to those nine items.

Copyright: The idea of this todo list is not mine. I'm a developer who implement this method in Android.

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There are a lot of discussion on this rule, please join the community and discuss about any thing you concern about.
Most famous question is
What happen if your rule is 2-3-5 or 3-3-3, ....
A: Try to organize tasks flow 1-3-5 rule and then you will be amazed soon :)


Flight map

Flight Map is a unique application that works as your own personal flight tracker (Sky map) while flying in an airplane. It shows where you currently are, speed, altitude and some other information about your flight. You can also see and name the landmarks on the way, so that you know what you see from your window.

Flight Map also displays visible and used GPS / GLONASS satellites, so you can use it as a GPS testing tool. The GPS function works when your phone is in airplane mode, because it does not broadcast any radio, it rather listens to the GPS satellites only.

Features include:
- Real time position of the plane on the map
- Zoomable world map not dependent on a connection to internet
- Your own personal flight tracker
- Works when your phone is in Airplane mode, so it can be used anytime while in flight
- Dark / Light skin
- Metric / Imperial units
- Multilanguage (currently English, Spanish, Portugese, French, Russian, Chinese, Vietnamese, Czech, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Hungarian)
- Map can be fullscreen or split screen with real time flight data
- GPS / GLONASS Satellites real time display depending on your device capabilities
- Sunrise and sunset at present position




A great android app to order budlight.
Simply download the app, sign up, then tap up or down to select the amount of Bud Light you’d like delivered. It tracks your location and payment details, so it’s easy to order. ID is checked upon delivery.



  • Your Flyer is a mobile application that target customers who want to access groceries specials at hand, with their phone. Since there are a lot of groceries out there, each week, customers have to put a lot of time in looking into each grocerie’s flyer nearby. The goal is to create an android application that will show the best deals for each product available at the grocery (i.e. broccoli, chicken, beef, and so on). Since there are new specials each week, the mobile app have to query a database to refresh data. The database will be created by us and so you will just have to request an API in order to get the data needed to fill the app.
  • Time: 120 hours
  • Teamsize: 1
  • Technologies: Sqlite, Advantage UI, JSON
Type: Android
Client: pierrelucgrenier

FirstAid - Series

Topics include everything you need from a first & treatment reference guide. There are even special sections covering what to do for infant and children emergencies, notes for professional healthcare providers, international emergency numbers, and more.
Image processing, Map, Inapp


Spreaker is a fun and simple way to broadcast your live audio updates and share them with your friends. Become a reporter or sports commentator, or simply broadcast from your favorite live events.
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Type: Android
Client: Odesk